What anime has the best ost best anime scores anime

Can’t believe I had to scroll this far down to find any mention of NagiAsu. Mind-blowing OST.
level 1 · 5y st.net/profile/GrandpaInDisguis Your lie in April or Terror in Resonance
level 1 · 5y st.net/profile/oFFoy Nagi no asukara . Just listen to this.
I have to advocate for kyousougiga though! Really great!
The lack of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures in this thread makes me sad
level 2 · 5y st.net/profile/pindalord ROW ROW, FIGHT THE POWAH

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level 1 · 5y Personally, initial D. Ohhh bring on the euro beats ????????
r/anime will never appreciate the beauty of Jojo
What anime has the best ost best anime scores anime
What anime has the best ost best anime scores anime
1 for Kyousougiga! Go Shiina is a genius, he’s also working on this season’s Tales of Zestiria!
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I must be different because i’m not fan of rap and hip-hop.
Gurren Lagann had a ton of good songs, same with Kill la Kill, Kill la Kill was FANTASTIC
level 2 · 5y st.co/user/aguirre The composer for Gurren Lagann also made music for Katanagatari, you can tell it’s the same style, but more oriental. It’s fantastic.
Supertonic Lady, Steel Blade, Deja Vu, The Top….yes, you sir are correct
I mean, classical music is considered by many to be the peak of most created music, so this one kind of wins by default.
level 2 · 5y Your lie in April, pokemon sword and shield anime scorbunny evolves