R best anime film scores movies, what is your favorite score from an animated film movies

I was hoping someone would mention End of Evangelion here. The film often gets overlooked for… controversial reasons, but the soundtrack is still phenomenal.
I’d go with How to Train Your Dragon. I honestly think it’s one of the most triumphant scores in recent memory.

The above three I could listen to for hours on end
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HTTYD2 somehow upped the ante with “Toothless Found” and “Where No One Goes” among others.
Paprika’s score is so good. Still not sure WTF this is . Or this .
I’m going to limit myself to orchestral soundtracks and not do musicals.
Absolutely. The orchestral score and the songs were all so well done.
2 – More Cannons! is just wild, thumping, and enthusiastic, it’s a ride in and of itself. Coupled with the sequence…I don’t like the second one all that much, but that is my favorite part.
Search within r/movies r/movies Log In Sign Up User account menu Found the internet! 19 R/movies, what is your favorite score from an animated film? Close 19 Posted by 4 years ago Archived R/movies, what is your favorite score from an animated film? 58 comments share save hide report This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by: best View all comments level 1 · 4y Has to be The Lion King. Probably Hans Zimmer’s best score IMO
Apart from that, John Powell’s scores to the How to Train Your Dragon films are magnificent!
There’s gems in all three of the Kung Fu Panda scores, so I’ll just outline my favorites;
When Simba is walking up pride rock in the rain after Scar’s defeat? Chills. Every time.
Michael Giacchino scored The Incredibles, best anime film scores Ratatouille and Up. His soundtracks are all beautiful but the opening sequence in Up is the most memorable IMO
3 – The Arrival of Kai – doesn’t hurt that it borrows heavily from Imagine Dragons “I’m So Sorry”, which I also love. I love the bright flutes after the big impacts.
No soundtrack rallies up my inner child, the one who wanted to be a ninja super hero, like Kung Fu Panda’s. It’s so gloriously wonderful
I couldn’t believe that score was by a composer I’d never heard of, John Powell . It’s just so damned good, and for some reason it really stands out compared to the other scores of his that I’ve heard.
R best anime film scores movies, what is your favorite score from an animated film movies
R best anime film scores movies, what is your favorite score from an animated film movies
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
I’m excited for Coco mainly to hear his score. He did an amazing job replicating the style of French symphony musique. Hopefully he can pull of a Mexican style of music too.
level 1 · 4y Which songs would you recommend from Ratatouille? Somehow I only remember the one with Remy rallying the rats to cook food near the end.
1 – Hero , the opening song. I just listened to it again today and was overwhelmed.
Ghibli all the way! Joe Hisaishi is my favourite composer of all time, and Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Tale of Princess Kaguya are his best scores in my opinion. Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso are also gorgeous.
Test Drive and Forbidden Friendship are absolutely phenomenal pieces that I’ve listened to on repeat endlessly. Test Drive is my favorite, just barely. It’s the perfect culmination of the leitmotif that’s been playing throughout the entire soundtrack, similar to how Binary Sunset/Force Theme is found throughout Star Wars. The orchestral swell when Hiccup and Toothless begin the first dive in “Test Drive” as well as when they finally sync up, damn that is pure frisson.
“Le Festine” – it’s actually a song with lyrics but it’s wonderful
All of these are songs with lyrics, but I really like them, for different reasons.
Thumbs up for Ghost in the Shell. The soundtrack in that movie was haunting and imo elevated the atmosphere of it all. Even the quieter moments were stunning.
My only complaint is that ” anime score soundtrack T