Why do you think Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is always at the top of all the highest rated anime series lists Is it truly the best anime series ever which anime has the highest rating created :anime

This is purely from the viewpoint of FMA:B and a little bit of the manga . Having watched the show both sub and dub at least three times each , I’m relying mostly on my memory for this, so please feel free to correct me if I slip up.
My recommendation: instead of worrying about whether or not your favourite series can lay claim to a status as “the best” series ever made, maybe devote some time and energy to really understanding why Brotherhood is your favourite, and what elements there are in that particular series that speak to you in a way no other show thus far has. You might learn a couple things about yourself that you didn’t know before in the process. 🙂
Your problem is that you think MAL’s ranking means anything.
This is really quite a silly question. FMA:B is where it is because it has quite a bit of popular appeal to what happens to be a very large demographic in the anime community. The idea of calling it, or anything else, the “undoubtedly best series ever created,” simply on the basis of it being a lot of people’s favourite series, is silly.
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Ratings have been and will always be subjective. There’s nothing wrong with rating something you enjoyed a 10/10.
My heart aches so bad whenever anyone reminds me of D.Grayamn. I really need closure with this series.
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But that’s a good point actually! It could be argued that Envy is androgynous, non-binary, or a non-gender-conforming male. Maybe something else entirely…I don’t consider Envy a stereotype, that’s for sure!
HxH is not for simple mind like you, and you cannot see the true value of HxH at the first watch. FMA:B for me is just a super casual shounen, with some good storyline, no where near HxH.
FMA:B is for people with simple mind, no fucking way it is better than HxH.
The dub’s good, it’s not too “Japan-y,” and it stays pretty grounded in the rules that it sets early on.
D-Gray Man seemed to have fallen into the great pits of Oh-Great after a certain point.
That is why others are saying it has broad appeal. Everything fits together, so little air time is spent lecturing about how things work. It can all be presented or stated in an intuitively accessible manner.
This level of consistency, simplicity, and deepness is what gives it the broad appeal to be #1.
On top of that, people don’t even attempt to be objective about their reviews. They just base it on how they feel or how much they “enjoyed it.” “I really liked SAO so it’s a 10/10 show!” Then you have a better show like Brotherhood come along and that’s a 10/10, also, to them. Then what the fuck is the point of a 10/10 then?
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Maybe it does deserve its position. All the shows that I consider better than FMA are “polarizing”. They have many detractors and flaws. FMA is very good, and I would argue that it has less flaws than many “better” shows, even if it doesn’t reach the same heights as those shows.
Please, for the love of everything, tag your spoilers. Looking at you, Attack on Titan and Slime Isekai readers.
But if you’re asking if people can dislike it. Yes, for example I dislike it. I won’t even go into how childish Ed’s “humor” scenes are, or by extension how insufferable I found him.
The animation wasnt anything special. At the beginning and middle it was just meh, then during the final battles it got pretty amazing.
It might not be everybody’s favorite, but it certainly ends up being rated highly by a lot of people simply because of the quality is so good.
What would you say of Alex Armstrong? His instances of flexing his muscles is mostly humorous but could be construed as being at least a little fanservicey.
There’s a few problems with anime ratings on websites. These biases mean that certain kinds of shows end up rated highly while arguably superior shows will have more mid-range scores.
But what’s really great are the women in this show. It’s rare, at least in my experience, to find such well developed and well written women in shounen. Take Winry. In any other show, her role would simply be “support MC,” but here, she takes control of her own destiny. She forces her way into Rush Valley to become a highly valued mechanic, she comes up with the plan for Scar to take her hostage, she is the one who ultimately agrees to give her life to Edward using logic he had never thought of before. Riza joins the military of her own reasoning, forced Mustang to erase the records of flame alchemy so no one ever has his kinda power, she is the one who stops him from killing Envy out of hatred and losing his way, and she is the one who keeps Mustang from committing human transmutation, who aims for him when he is blind. The future most powerful man in the country trusts one person with his back completely, and that person is Riza Motherfuckin Hawkeye. Oh, and Lan Fan cut off her fucking arm to save her lord and started using automail within six months after hearing puny Edward did it in a year. Fucking A, these characters are badass and where we would normally see weak and underdeveloped stand-ins, we get full fledged characters who can hold their own just as well as anyone. For more on this, just look up feminist Fullmetal Alchemist essays that serve as character profiles on those gals. It’s fuckin rad.
Hello y’all, it’s been a long time since I don’t write a thread. There’s a question that I’d like to discuss with you. This post created by the fabulous Kruzy includes a comparison of five different top 25 anime lists. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood tops three of these five lists and it’s second and fourth on the other two, meaning it can be easily considered the highest rated and most critically acclaimed anime series EVER. Especially remarkable is its unstoppable reign at the top of My Anime List, considering the site is the most popular anime-related website. IMDb is not included in Kruzy’s post but you can check it out here : FMAB is the second highest rated anime series only behind Hunter x Hunter and the fourth one if we count worldwide animated TV series. So, my question is: which aspects do you think make Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood the undoubtedly most prestigious anime series ever created? The story, the animation, the character development, the philosophical subtext, the political commentary, the sub-plots, the finale, the soundtrack, the humour, the antagonists, the supporting characters, the dramatic twists, etc. Which are FMAB’s strongest points and why?
Sorry, not exactly sober right now so I’m not the best person to mount a defense.
I couldn’t agree more. It has something going on for all kind of fans and is pretty easy to digest. There are no huge faults that would turn people off from it either. I have it rated as 10/10 myself but I don’t think its one of the strongest 10s I have.
It depends on how you define “greatest”. FMA: B appeals to pretty much every anime fan, but pretty much every anime fan has a show that appeals to them more than FMA: B
A ranking should serve the purpose of separating what’s good and what’s bad. But if you’re going to dilute the 7 pool with your shit taste then you’ve made the rankings a worthless tool for anyone trying to find a new show.
Do you want it to measure how many people like versus dislike it? Then it’s easy. Do what YouTube does. A binary “Like/Dislike” system. It’s extremely easy for users. Rating a show on MAL is a lot of fucking work compared to YouTube.
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This is probably the best answer out there. Well said.
So, there are people who don’t think FMA:B is the best anime ever. I personally rated them both a 10 but I have to admit that seeing HxH made FMA:B pale a bit in comparison. That is to say, it opened my eyes to its weaknesses. FMA:B has a more cohesive plot overall, an unwavering pace and a very strong resolution. But HxH at its best is a sight to behold.
I think it’s just really well known. Whenever I hear someone recommend an anime for someone new to anime, it’s almost always full metal brotherhood. It’s got a lot of viewer appeal to newbies
Being fair, “turn off your brain and be entertained” is exactly what KLK was going for. It was entirely self aware, and that’s what I liked about it. The animation quality, choreography, etc. is pretty subjective. I’ll admit it wasn’t absolutely gorgeous the same way Fate/Stay Night was, but it fit the campy, satirical tone they wanted.
I mean, what show should be at the top of these lists? Why not a very good show with few flaws, that is enjoyed by the vast majority of the audience. If a show is second-best in all elements, is it better than a show which is first in some elements, and 10th in others?
So it means from what are you saying, that most people who watched liked or loved it and few dislike it ? isn’t that the definition of being good.
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For one to me it was extremely tedious, the arcs took forever and I didn’t feel like anything interesting was happening in many of the episodes, basically it was boring too often.
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These are largely why I don’t look at scores when determining what to watch. I prefer to rely on reviews from people who think like me or be exposed to a series through gifs or short clips and get interested that way. The only time a score influences my decision is if it is universally low though even then I’ve watched some shows rated on the lower end that I still enjoyed, so even that isn’t necessarily a good indicator.
Star of Milos was some disconnected Brotherhood movie if I recall correctly, but doesn’t really bring anything to the table. I couldn’t actually finish that one, there just wasn’t any tension to it knowing that it doesn’t factor into the overall story at all.
Ofc there are a lot of different series that have different advantages over FMA but I don’t think there are any that can beat FMA in more than 6/10 categories. For example FMA has really really good animation but Attack on Titans is slightly better. However AoT is generally considered inferior to FMA in basically every other category.
Beyond that shows like FMA:B are going to have broad appeal and not generate the kinds of strong reactions that some other works might, so there are fewer people purposefully downvoting it.
In no particular order: Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica, Monster, Gankutsuou, Cowboy Bebop.
Yes, but that is only one of few ways of quantifying “good” literature. It also doesn’t make it the best anime out there, and additionally there are a lot of stupid people that dislike good anime and then rate them a 1 just because they’re popular. Like NGE, Madoka Magica, and Kill la Kill. FMAB does not have this problem because it’s pretty standard and has wide appeal.
A copy-paste of my comment on another thread.
In summary, part of what makes FMA: B great for me is the attention and care given to its characters. Even minor side characters are well-developed and as result, everyone truly feels significant in the world. Just realized this is my first ever post in /r/anime :)! I apologize for the giant wall of text. I’m interested in knowing what everyone else thinks made FMA: B so great. Feel free to share!
I think a part of what is good about it is that it is so easy to get into as well as because it doesn’t have many faults. You see most good anime are super super great in some regards but then are really bad in others. Fullmetal Alchemist both versions are not like that they lose one super so they are only super great but they are in almost everything.
No, it just doesn’t have enough people that dis like it enough to give it a bad score, unlike all the other good anime.
This is a pretty good summary of why I dislike FMA:B. Mind if I simply use this as a copy paste?
Conqueror of Shamballa; it’s literally the ending to the 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist, and without it the series ends too abruptly and without enough resolution. People hate it for seemingly no other reasons besides like most of FMA 2003 it isn’t canon with the manga, it isn’t anything like Brotherhood’s ending in tone, and it involves Nazi Germany which is like a trigger or something for these people. Spoilers for both series I thought it was the bee’s knees though.
If I am not mistaken it’s one of those really rare instances where a female artist captures to the core a shounen type of manga/anime.
Then you have most of the anime fanbase being young people with shit taste. They come into anime and think everything is the greatest thing ever. That’s why everything is rated 8/10, 9/10, 10/10.
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I tried to introduce my parents to anime for a long time. I started on FMA:B because wide appeal, crisp animation, quick pacing, yada yada. My parents didn’t really like it though. We watched up to about episode 40 because they were doing it for me but I could tell they weren’t into it so we stopped.
Exactly. It’s not the very best at any one thing, but basically everything it does, it does extremely well, and has such a wide range of appealing pieces that people drawn in by just one thing end up enjoying a solid whole.
I can almost taste how defensive you are right now. Please, tell me more platitudes and banalities.
no, it’s mainly because weaboos don’t obsess over it. the relative merits of a show never stopped the general masses from hating on it if it was cool to do so.
The problem is that trying to define something as “the best show/movie/game/whatever ever” is kinda pointless. What is the metric for entertainment quality? How many people likes it? How many people thinks of it as their favorite? How many established critics think of it as a masterpiece ?
Regarding plot complexity or thematic depth, I have to admit that FMAB is way above HxH and this comes from a massive HxH fan! I don’t think “simple mind” is the issue here.
Well one of the reasons would be simply, it’s practically a perfect show.Everything it attempts to do or convey is perfect…the only thing it doesn’t do well was comedy unfortunately.
If it’s your personal favourite, then that’s totally cool and you should own that opinion. But there will always be people who have seen Brotherhood who a) like something else better, b) enjoyed it but didn’t necessarily love it, and c) straight-up didn’t like it. And none of those people have the wrong opinion .
It’s an amazingly well done series, with such an ambitious plot and fleshed out cast of character it’s hard to end up really “hating the show”. It never really stumbles over its own size, and leaves no stone unturned by the end, which is quite the astounding feat given the scale.
How good a series is or isn’t is an incredibly personal thing. What shows you or I consider to be the best out there is – invariably – reflective of our individual understandings of the world around us, our emotional centres, life experiences, and what we seek when we consume our media. It’s something that merits discussion, certainly – but trying to use that discussion to create a concrete “these are the best anime ever created” list, while not impossible, is ultimately meaningless.
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Is it widely regarded as extremely great by a very large amount of people? Yes.
Its really hard to get invested in a show that is constantly taking you out of the experience, I just cant do that.
Pretty sure he’s the artist’s ideal body build for a man.
If a show has such a broad appeal and regarded as a great anime by such a huge amount of people, why can’t we just call it the greatest anime of all time?
It’s not the best anime ever, no doubt, but its definitely up there. It’s something that’s almost universally accepted as brilliant so I feel its OK for it to hold the moniker of ‘best anime’.
Honestly, aside from its broad appeal, it just gets so many things right .
The story holds up for the whole run with a satisfying and complete ending. The large group of characters are all interesting in their own ways. Too many shows either drag on, are cut short, or have too many loose ends. Brotherhood is as close to being like a good epic novel as anything on TV.
It’s amazing how you’re being downvoted for answering the question differently than everyone else. This sub never ceases to disappoint me. I’m with you, I’ve seen 24 episodes and put it on hold, because honestly I got a bit bored with it, and part of that is because of, which you said as well, the awkward humour that pulls me out of the experience .
Second is inflation of ratings of people new to the medium. There is usually a honeymoon period where people are watching anime for the first time and tend to rate things higher because it is a novel experience. Shows that are more accessible tend to be the ones people watch first .
It’s an accessible and fun, straightforward action adventure with a great cast and an epic as hell final act. That basically sums it up.
I think a big part of it is probably how easy it is to get into it.
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My problem with Brotherhood, why I don’t think it’s the best thing ever, and why I believe it’s so well liked in general, is because it isn’t truly ambitious in that it doesn’t push any envelopes, and so it doesn’t alienate anyone .
It told a very well known sort of story in a fairly straight way without any real surprises beyond a couple tragedies very early on. Little-to-no moral ambiguity, all the good guys were good guys and the bad guys were all really bad guys, with one token bad-guy-who’s-really-just-misled, and in the end the good guys beat the bad guys, the hero gets the girl, peace reigns over the land, and everyone lives happily ever after.
Most people agree the humor is the weakest part of the show. Whether on not you can overlook that depends on how invested you are into the rest of the show. If you can ignore it and get invested in the rest of the show, it improves on itself over time exponentially. If you can’t, I don’t think you’ll get anything out of it.
I honestly couldn’t make it past the second episode. The cringy, overwhelming humor mixed with 2-dimensional interactions between all the characters was a complete turn-off. I thought at first it was just the typical nostalgia-boosted hype that most anime’s aimed at a younger audience receive but it seems that even older audiences applaud the series. Maybe I’m missing out on something glorious here but I just don’t understand why FMA is so highly rated.
Back when YT had a 5 star rating, they noticed that people either vote 1 or 5 stars or don’t vote at all. You don’t want people NOT voting because then your sample becomes biased.
WARNING: What lies ahead is full of spoilers, my biased opinions, and as always, analysis that might just be BS in the end. But it is how I view FMA:B, which is apparently what you asked for, so here’s your heads up.
I think there are a lot of older Anime that could be right up there with FMA due to plot but they suffer from terrible voice acting or animation. A lot of people ofc are willing to overlook terrible animation and VA for good plot but for overall mainstream appeal quality animation and VA is a must.
One aspect of character development FMA: B absolutely nails is its utilization of the age-old storytelling mechanic, “showing and not simply telling.” We’ve all seen those shonen anime moments when the protagonist shows the bad guy mercy. The bad guy realizes the error in his ways and swears that he will change. And then he leaves and we never see him again. It is implied that the bad guy becomes a better person but the rest is up to our imagination. In FMA: B, we actually see the characters change. We see them take action to change and we see the results of their efforts. For example, let’s take a look at Rose , a fairly minor character whom our protagonists meet early in their adventure. When Edward and Alphonse meet her, she is a devout follower of a phony priest who subverts his followers for influence and power through deception and false promises. After the priest is revealed for who he is, Rose is crushed from the betrayal, but is encouraged by the brothers to take control of her life and move forward. Now in most anime, this should be the last we hear of Rose. Her story arc is concluded, what she does next is left to the viewers’ imagination and the story moves on.
How about Mustang without his shirt? Or all of the times Ed takes off his shirt? Fanservice need not be just female characters.
FMA is different from the norm for a variety of reasons: it’s an action shounen written by a woman, there’s little emphasis on fanservice, it is very much based in a “Western” world, from the names to the city structures, etc. And while these alone aren’t enough to set it such high esteem, they do contribute. I believe there are four aspects that make FMA: B so highly respected: its wealth of characters, storyline structure, symbolism, and rewatchability.
Really dont understand why you even use the term shit taste. Thats a term thats overused a lot here, the way your using that term makes me think that youre the kid. The point of ratings is to be subjective to ones taste. You call other people shit taste cause it isnt the same as yours, or cause they dont look at things from a critical view. Just because people rate anime based on their enjoyment doesnt mean that you get to be an ass just cause you like to be a critic about every anime you watch.
I think people sing praises too much about FMA. I mean, I hate how it change tone from a grim fantasy type of story to some mellow defeat final boss and all conflict resolved with no repercussion. Yeah while there are consequences and such but I think it was quite minor compared to the grand scale it was showing in the beginning of the series where morality,nationality and humanity stands at a very blurry line.
Isn’t Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by Clamp considered a shounen?
Why do you think Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is always at the top of all the highest rated anime series lists Is it truly the best anime series ever which anime has the highest rating created :anime
Why do you think Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is always at the top of all the highest rated anime series lists Is it truly the best anime series ever which anime has the highest rating created :anime
I thought it did. A depressing one, but it was definitely there.
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The ranking isn’t some all knowing, 100% objective measure. It doesn’t even attempt it. It’s subject to countless human biases.
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FMA is one of the first few animes recommended to new people, and doesn’t have the stigma of Naruto and other shounens. unsurprising ranking due to newbie opinion and nostalgia glasses
Also shounens are typically higher rated than other shows as they have more episodes. Since their is an episode limit threshold for scores to count, many people who hate a show their votes don’t count
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As to whether it deserves it…I don’t know, man. It’s one of several shows that you could argue deserves it, but it’s not head and shoulders the best show out there. It’s overrated, but not by much.
Anyway sorry to ramble! I’m basically saying that FMA did not screw up with any of these; with the exception of LGBT issues, in which the only gay/trans/etc character in the entire series is a flaming stereotype :/
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Although wasn’t that at the Manga-ka’s request? The anime studio caught up to her, and instead of doing the Bleach/One Piece/Dragon Ball thing where they artificially stretch out the story and/or add filler, she told them to make up their own story from the point they caught up and forward.
It’s the Shawshank Redemption being the #1 film on IMDB. Is it the best film ever made? For most people probably not, but it has such a wide appeal to many and doesn’t do anything wrong in order for people to hate it.
FMA: B has a massive cast whose stories take place all over the country and it still amazes me that every single character feels fully fleshed out and realized. No one with a name is created simply to be that guy who gets 1-shot by the villain just so the protagonists see that the bad guy ain’t messin’ around! Each character has a unique backstory, goal, and motive to drive what he/she does. While it is absolutely impossible for each episode to feature every single character, each person is given enough relevance and development so that no one ever feels sidelined.
Right. I use MAL a lot when looking for anime to watch and while I don’t necessarily agree with all the rankings and stuff, the ratings are generally decent measurements for how “good” something is. Of course I have my own opinions that reflect my views but I usually end up rating something within a range of one higher or lower than the most common score . I’ve found that MAL is actually a nice indicator of how the average casual watcher might like a show, and so long as you look at the scores with that mindset everything seems pretty reasonably rated.
However, imagine my surprise when 20-30some episodes later, the brothers return to the town and we meet Rose again, who is helping rebuild the town and feeding the hungry! Her reappearance was by no means necessary, but the continuity here helps sell the world and the characters so much more. I really felt that the characters of this world were real people with lives and emotions rather than simply NPC’s who serve to move the plot along. What is amazing is that I can cite this kind of continuity and development in just about every character we meet. which anime has the highest rating Rose is simply the first minor character I thought about. I could easily go on about bigger characters like Winry’s relationship with Scar, Ling Yao’s unique alliance with Greed, or Envy’s jealousy of humanity.
Not anime but in The Legend of Korra, they really dropped the ball on the “Equalists” plot. In Naruto Kishimoto would always talk about how “great” a kunoichi that Sakura was, but he never followed through with it. She is the poster child for a pseudo-action girl.
For me, world building and character writing are tied for “most important” in a series. To pick up on your commentary on female characters: it is important to note that while all the females were badass, that wasn’t their only quality. Many series suffer from assuming badass females = good female character writing. Every character in the series had their own badass qualities as well as their own faults, flaws, and weaknesses. Further, the characters had distinctive personalities. Every character was genuine to themselves and their beliefs. Their independent actions and their interplay were phenomenal. The series also had a good balance of “show and tell” to convey all of the character information as well, which some series are lack severely. Further, the characters were not broken for plot or story convenience. Too many series try to slip up characters to make way for a nuance, or even large element, to drive the plot the way they want it to go. Your characters are allowed to change, and this change can be rapid depending on the scenario, but you can’t have a lapse of character.
The recently finished Pandora Hearts too. It’s definitely not an even amount of mangaka of each gender writing shonen but yeah it’s not as incredibly uncommon as is assumed.
Agree. It’s masterfully executed and never feels forced or shoehorned.
People don’t finish shows they don’t like. They drop it and forget that it even exists so they never even bother to rate it. Because they’re not rated, the only ratings that are LEFT are people who already enjoy it and finished it.
It’s really not as uncommon as people think. Blue Exorcist and Magi are both drawn by women iirc.
IMO, the flaw in this approach is that the very idea of “trying to make a selection of best anime series ever” is ridiculous – and becomes fundamentally flawed when you try to take anything into account other than your own personal opinion of those series.
And another problem: To make an educated attempt at finding the best anime, one would have to see ALL of them. And that isn’t quite feasible.
As well, it’s very often a show that people watch early in their anime career, when they are just getting into the hobby. So it gets a glow from being a good memory.
a slow-mo shot zoomed in on his torso with a pastel color background or another character in the scene oogling him.
I think the original FMA did better in that regard, no LOLFUNNY chibi scenes and a noticeably darker tone overall. I think the best way to enjoy the franchise would be to watch FMA up until whatever point it diverged enough from the manga then continue at that point from FMA:B. Then finish up FMA because it’s still pretty good.
“X show has a 90% like rating. It’s probably good. But Y show has a 50% like rating. It’s probably not.”
Well, maybe not Cross Game. But not enough people have seen Cross Game.
IMDB actually does the rankings decently well. Anything 7 is consistently a good movie. But unlike anime, movies are bite sized and IMDB doesn’t fucking make you write an essay when you wanna rate a show. You pick a star and that’s it. No drop down menus, no rating on its “art/story/characters/sound” or whatever other trait you wanna bog down the rating process with.
First of all, FMAB is not my favourite anime, I’m simply posing a question based on facts. Second, what other tool do we have in the anime world to know which series are the best? We don’t have Academy Awards or Roger Ebert, we don’t have Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes, we don’t have Sight and Sound or They Shoot Pictures Don’t They, we don’t have Rolling Stones or Time Magazine lists, we only have those rankings and personal lists written by bloggers. So I think these ratings should be taken into consideration when we try to make a selection of “best anime series ever” because they serve as a filter selection for the thousands and thousands of anime works created.
And then, the other question that should be tackled: Does Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood deserve to hold this number one position in such consensual and invincible way? Let me know, bye!
A certain kind of fanservice that’s been passed down the Armstrong line for generations 😉
is it one of the best of all time? 100% from start to finish it is nothing but great
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Comedy? I thought the comedic moments were highly appreciated by the fandom. Although I have to agree that during the first half there’s way too much comedy mixed with drama.
I understand what you’re saying, but if we don’t count ranking, what other tools do we have to measure an anime’s perception? Google trends?
I cant really say much for the characters because I never got to feel for them. Again, the humor pulled me out of the experience so much. The humor didnt even appeal to me, it was literally just “LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ARENT WE SO RANDOM?”, there werent clever jokes and any running jokes were just one word insults like “pipsqeuak” and then following that Ed would get mad. So funny.
From the alchemy to the characterization to the plot itself, everything is molded for the world’s thesis rather than attached arbitrarily to fulfill the writer’s whim. This level of planning is why Arakawa’s next work, Silver Spoon, was an instant success even though it fantasy thrills of FMA.
Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those anime where I just dont see the appeal. Even some of the more critical people of anime like Thatanimesnob or Digibro think its a great anime.
Nobody honestly has bad taste, so it sounds like you’re being pretty pretentious. And who are you to say what’s good and what’s bad, we all have different tastes. Doesn’t mean they’re shit because it’s different than yours.
It’s like suddenly all these philosophical and intellectual subtext was suddenly dumped into a basket of trash in the end.
That and D-Gray Man, maybe, stands as some of the few shounen series written/drawn by women.
It’s the easiest for the American audience to get into, and the dub is so good that casuals love it.
Saying he’s way too muscular is like saying a girl has way too large breasts. Might be true for you but probably doesn’t apply to everyone’s preferences. Fanservice of female characters can be kinda played tongue in cheek for humor too and I would still consider that fanservice. So I’d probably still count Alex Armstrong although I will say in either way, FMA doesn’t seem to have any fanservice that negatively detracts from the series no matter what your definition of that term is.
Nobody honestly has bad taste, so it sounds like you’re being pretty pretentious. And who are you to say what’s good and what’s bad, we all have different tastes. Doesn’t mean they’re shit because it’s different than yours.
Well of course, if you turn off your brain you miss all of it’s uninteresting, weak and barely explored themes/excuses for the fanservice.
I’m pretty much the only one who still prefers the original. It has a stronger emotional core and gives the homunculi a much stronger connection to the characters.
Which ones would say are better? Now I’m curious.
Try watching the original FMA. Brotherhood shafts the beginning because the original existed and the original has overall less humour as well.
It is one of the best anime, but it’s also easily accessible for basically anyone. It serves as an introductory anime for newbies, myself included.
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This is pretty much what i can ask for an anime to be. There isn’t any fanservice, the plot is entertaining and the animation is pretty good. A great anime overall.
No the best is Hunter x Hunter. FMA is such a great series though. It also helps that it is known about my anime watchers and casuals that just saw it on TV alike.
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I have something semi-relevant to share…
Scar was fun though, best character in the show.
An anime fan can easily watch the show and absolutely love it, but so can somebody who isn’t really into anime.
Well it’s definitely NOT the best anime ever created. There are so many anime that are better imo but it’s still my favorite anime of all time :D. It’s kinda weird but it appeals to the viewer that much, everything is perfect you get the feels you root for the brothers it makes me feel different inside when I watch fmab also it doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s still nice to watch as an 40 year old where as K-on would be weird to watch as a 40 year old
She had to be naked in the tub to advance the story
Showing skin isn’t fanservice unless it’s sexualized. You can easily tell the difference.
It also deals well with very human emotions, and features, in what can be at times a very funny and light hearted show, some of the saddest and most terrifying moments. We all know about Maes’s death and Nina the chimera, but don’t forget Armstrong’s inability to stop anything in the Ishval war despite having all this strength, Captain Buccaneer’s heroic death , Greed offering his Philospher’s Stone but unable to save the old man’s life, Izumi Curtis and the loss of her child and the relief that comes when she realizes that the thing she brought back wasn’t her baby again, the hopelessness Riza feels when she thinks Roy is dead, Envy’s suicide, etc. All of these are times where it has successfully conveyed emotions and feelings that most of us are lucky enough to never ensure in real life.
Best anime series ever? No. Best shounen? Propably. And since shounen is the most popular anime genre, and shounen fans tend not to be critical when it comes to ratings, it makes sense that fullmetal alchemist is always at the top of the lists.
Hey again, always so straightforward and insightful. I completely agree and keep being awesome!
Not that there’s no merit in lists existing at all! As you pointed out, it’s a useful starting point for a viewer to filter their selection. But when trying to use other people’s preferences as a filter, context is everything. I’ve had much better results finding individuals/critics/etc. whose preferences I understand , and looking at what they recommend, than I have looking at something like MAL or any other generic “best anime ever” list. Those amalgamated lists indicate popularity, which certainly says SOMETHING about a series – but it doesn’t do much to say how “good” a series will be for me.
I agree with everyone, it has broad appeal, but it is also a great anime. I would give it a 9/10 overall.
Ask yourself what you want from a “ranking.”
I think story progression is the absolute key!
Oh, that guy, so minor I barely remember him… I wonder why anime always tends to include that kind of flamboyant males when they want to add a gay character.
What truly makes it good though, is that it appeals to a wider audience than other anime of its genre. I don’t know if it deserves the top spot in the lists, but i’m happy with it being at there, because i think it is the safest choice to recommend to someone new to anime, or someone just looking for a good show, and imo that’s how rated anime lists should be used.
Overall yes I think it might be the best Anime of all time IMO.
For me it’s not even a matter of feeling forced or shoehorned in; it’s just that sometimes, other shows get it all wrong.
First of all the story wasnt anything particularly amazing to me. It had interesting concepts and plot points, but as the show went on they quickly became meaningless. For example I liked the idea of that worlds Alchemy and equivalent exchange, but it quickly became obvious that it was just magic with no real rhyme or reason for what is “equivalent”, and towards the end of the series all the main alchemy users didnt even need alchemy circles. And even when I tried to get engrossed into the story, the show rips me right out because of its terrible timing in humor. Never has a show seemed like it has actively tried preventing me from enjoying it than Fullmetal Alchemist. Lets take an example like when FMA:B It wasnt funny, it was just annoying and frustrating because I was actually engaged into Izumi’s backstory for a moment there.
like most of FMA 2003 it isn’t canon with the manga
While I think FMA:B is one of the best all round animes ever, I wouldn’t place it in my personal top 5.
There are several others I would include as well, but they’re much more debatable, though I do firmly personally believe they are better than FMAB.
It’s not my favorite anime of all time but that is just because of personal preference, it’s one of the best anime ever created and it totally deserves to be number one.
I have never heard of Cross Game, but after skimming some reviews on MAL I think I’ll give it a whirl after my current shows are done. Thanks for the introduction!
It’s probably also that it’s relatively accessible, even to a western audience. We don’t need to understand a huge list of historical references and in-jokes, because it relies on a freshly-built world.
Putting aside exciting sci-fi alchemy being a new twist on magic, it boils down to one thing.
Also it appeals to people just starting out with anime who tend to rate every show they see a 9 or 10 at the start, then they never go back to change afterwards.
Ye I know a lot of massive HxH fans who haven’t read the manga or skip the heavy dialogues, or have low IQ.
A lot of people had FMA as one of the first anime they watched. As it is fairly accessible to new audiences people tend to look back on it fondly, as is typical of entry level shows.
Which film? Shamballa or Milos? Are they worth watching? I think I’ve read they’re quite bland…
Why do you think Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is always at the top of all the highest rated anime series lists? Is it truly the best anime series ever created?
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Maybe it doesn’t have the stigma of Naruto, One Piece and company because FMAB is simply better than them? It gets right everything they get wrong.
It just. Wow. So much is fantastic, man. For serious.
Don’t know why you got downvoted, maybe HxH is too complicated for casual anime fans?
It’s a pretty well crafted “hero’s journey.” Characters have flaws, find a way to cope with them, and you can see the passage of time.
Cause it followed the manga storyline. It could have done a better job but overall it told a fantastic story full of excellent characters. Its one of those that you can watch endlessly.
Is it truly the best anime series ever created? No.
I started FMA brotherhood yesterday. i am very disapointed at the childish humor. i would like the anime otherwise, but the bad humor tropes every 5 minutes in the middle of an otherwise serious moment is preventing me for liking it. i am 10 episodes so far but i doubt i will reach 51.
It’s one of the few where I’d consider the dub cast better than the Japanese. Though I only watched a few minutes with subs before I realized I hated Al’s voice and switched, so I can’t comment on the whole thing.
It’s not the best in any one aspect, but it’s extremely good in all areas. That makes it very hard to people to find fault with it and give it a lower rating. Its western setting also makes it more accessible to casual Western fans.
Despite the plot twists it takes, FMA:B doesn’t suffer as a result because of those on a rewatch. Instead, I’ve found it only enhances the experience. We, the viewers, can more easily pick up on Bradley and Selim’s tics early on, we can sympathize with Scar’s revenge streak, we know what Hoenheim is doing walking all around. Suddenly, we’re not so much focused on trying to pick up everything that happens along the ride and instead can choose to enjoy and delve into whatever aspect piques our interest the next time around… and with all that went into this series, you can never be quite finished with details to discover.
Not if it’s a personal, private ranking.
It is the same reason why Avatar: The Last Airbender is critically acclaimed in Western society despite being an animation.
: Most people agree the humor is the weakest part of the show. Whether on not you can overlook that depends on how invested you are into the rest of the show. If you can ignore it and get invested in the rest of the show, it improves on itself over time exponentially. If you can’t, I don’t think you’ll get anything out of it.
First is survivorship bias. Longer shows tend to have higher scores because the people that finish them tend to be the ones that like them. On websites like MAL if you don’t watch at least a certain percentage of the show your score doesn’t count, so the people who didn’t like it probably didn’t watch enough to have their votes bring down the score. I believe MAL is 20%, so for FMA:B you have to watch 13-14 episodes and then drop it for your score to count. Very few people are going to get that far in and then drop the series because they didn’t like it. I think this is likely the strongest bias and one that is present in almost all of the top 25 series.
Shounen most popular genre, FMA B best Shounen
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The reason FMA Brotherhood is always rated so high isn’t because it’s the best anime of all time, but because it has such a broad appeal. You can be any age, any gender, and have an interest in any genre, and you will still probably enjoy it
Now, the second question? Absolutely not. I can think of several anime better/more “perfect” and more thoughtful than FMAB off the top of my head.
But HxH is the best shounen, you’re wrong.
Also, don’t underestimate the fact that it got a great English dub and a lot of air time on Toonami. This made it very accessible for a lot of casual anime fans.
1 – Well-Developed Characters What I bring up first when I try to get people to watch FMA is the characters in this world. Each and every one of them is so well written and cared for that by the end, you can see them for their worth. For a series whose genre dictates more of an emphasis on action and battles, the story takes care to pace its characters in such a way that it reveals aspects about them that you never could have imagined in the beginning, twists them, and then twists them again. We know Edward and Alphonse are the main characters, and they rightly grow up before our eyes. Edward starts off as a very brash kid who recklessly jumps into battle and by the end… well, okay, that doesn’t change much. But we see time and time again how he cares for people, and he continually says the right thing at the right time, from telling Winry that her hands were meant to heal and not hurt, believing in his father at the end, and even giving up alchemy. Of the two, though, I love Alphonse’s path much more. Even after he helps save the world, his failure to save Nina keeps him grounded. When they’re at the café towards the end, that one failure is enough to have him keep searching. And really, Al gets a lot of shit throughout the series. One of Greed’s henchmen is brutally murdered by Bradley while she’s still inside his suit of armor , he has to question whether or not his memories are genuine, he endured a blizzard and total darkness with Selim, and yet despite all his bad luck, he continued to have a positive attitude on life. He recognizes he has a disability, but he doesn’t allow it to control him; Alphonse controls what should hinder him and turns it into a weakness. He also shows he’s not just some moral savior who’s too good to use an advantage. When he’s fighting Pride with the chimeras, he uses a Philosopher’s Stone despite his earlier resistance because he recognizes it will save more lives and it’s the purely rational thing to do. He also does this when he sacrificed his soul to get Edward back his arm. Of course, we also know how great Roy Mustang is and Maes Hughes, but I feel like Scar and King Bradley don’t get enough of their due. Scar starts off as the bad guy who murdered Winry’s parents… and ends up joining the good guys because hey, being wrong before doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to make things right. It doesn’t come easily for him, either, but at his heart, he understands that the best way to honor his memory is not to seek vengeance, but continue his work. As for Bradley, we’re wary at him from his murder of Isaac McDougal, but he seems like such a cheery uncle kinda guy… until we realize he ordered the genocide of Ishval, offs some of our favorite characters, then offers up great lines , before dying a badass death.

You and he are kind of ignoring all the overtones of empowerment against shame and rebellion against conformity, in the same way someone might miss how FLCL was all about puberty.
While your statement should be taken as opinion based and not “FACT”, I watched brotherhood and then watched HXH 2011 directly after and can say, there were times when Brotherhood may have been better than HXH but HXH and that damn chimera ant arc…. that solidified it over brotherhood for me. It made me feel feelings never before felt for a tv show.
Alright so it’s getting late here and I’m on mobile because I’m on vacation but screw it this essay is gonna get written. Anyway, the storyline is another aspect that could have left FMA:B flat on its face, but instead serves as another strength. It deftly handled characters who are all over the map at different times . And everything that gets brought up in the beginning has its place at the end, like the aforementioned swap of Alphonse’s soul for Edward’s arm , the mentions of Ishval and the presence of the homunculi throughout time, the bits and pieces of Father, the set up of Selim as a homunculus , Maria Ross’s fake burning and her return, Havoc being consigned to a wheelchair but still contributing in any way he can to the man he committed his life to, Bradley’s hands shaking at Hughes’s funeral only for it to be revealed as anger later, Hoenhein’s counter circle, etc. Every aspect of this story has a purpose and will be brought back later, which asks its viewers to think deeply whenever they watch something, just in case it might come back later.
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If a woman had her clothes torn off in a similar way you’d be calling it fanservice.
i wanted to watch brotherhood because its more recent and would have better graphics, but after 10 episodes, i think i will either drop it or try the original FMA. i cant stand the cringy humor moments they push every 5 minutes just after someone died.
dont make us call the great slayer of shitposters
It’s probably not the best anime series ever, but it’s definitely a masterpiece, the show and the manga. I have to agree with the other comments: it’s a story that almost anyone can enjoy, whether they be a fan of anime/manga or not. It’s easily accessible because it’s not too…well, “weird”. In fact, it was this series that got me back into anime, which I almost always avoided because it scared me . And, honestly, it has so many likable characters, both the villains and the heroes, and it’s such a huge story! It’s…it’s not the greatest, but I consider it one of the best out there.
Cross Game is actually my second favorite, right after FMAB. They both pace things well and have great characters, just a couple small things keeping Cross Game from being my number one.
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It brings up politics without botching it. It introduces female characters without botching them. It even brings up issues of race without botching that too. Plus it has great world building and doesn’t force us to sit through long lectures about it. It shows not tells.
Fast forward a little while, I found a new anime that I really liked called Hunter X Hunter, which got so good at one point that I just couldn’t stop talking about it. So, I got my parents to watch that one and they loved it.
As for Race, I’ve seen My Little Pony handle it terrible. Like the episode when Zecora came to town; they tried to frame their prejudices as just plain “fear”, or a “misunderstanding”, but actual irl race issues are more than that.
It’s amazing, I have huge respect for the artist/author. She knows exactly what to write so that it’s accessible to a general audience.
While FMA Brotherhood isn’t my personal favorite anime ever, still earns a 10/10 on my list and I can definitely see why many people do consider it so and why it is consistently top-rated. I finished the series about a month ago, having not seen the previous adaptation or read the manga. I tried to think about what made FMA: B unique and stand out from all the other anime I’ve seen. If I had to single out the defining feature that made FMA: B great for me, it is probably that the show is simply really well-balanced. The show does a great job of balancing character development, scared anime face meme