35 Anime Series Every Fan Should great anime series recommendations Be Binge

” Neon Genesis Evangelion has everything you want in an anime. It has complex characters, gripping action, and it poses deep, philosophical questions, which really make you think.” – Ante D Bruning, Facebook
Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.
” Psycho-Pass challenged my meaning of justice by exploring the fine line between those who break the law and those enforcing it.” – Mark Foskett, Facebook.
” Sailor Moon is a classic and has had so many impacts on current anime and pop culture.” – Anthony Helfrich, Facebook
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” Tokyo Ghoul takes place in the modern world, and makes you look at ordinary life differently. What makes a human and what makes a monster? This show is gonna destroy your emotions.” great anime series recommendations – wholockianoftheshire
35 Anime Series Every Fan Should great anime series recommendations Be Binge35 Anime Series Every Fan Should great anime series recommendations Be Binge
“Even though its main focal point is romance, I think a lot of people could still enjoy the comedy aspect of Maid Sama! . The main character is one badass, hard-working chick who you can’t help but respect.” – princesskitty2002
“Great politics, fights, and twists in a sci-fi setting.” – Josh Townsend, Facebook
“For something in the psychological genre, Steins;Gate is very good. It’s a show about time traveling and any fans of Doctor Who should watch it.” – PastelLlama
“Everyone should watch Princess Jellyfish . It’s about swapping the norm, and showing that nerds are capable of so much more instead of writing themselves off.” – Kori Bassi, Facebook.
“The episodes can warm your heart, make you laugh, cry, or really just make you think about life in general.” – ekkyjackson
“The art is beautiful, the characters are compelling, and there are very few episodes that fail to invest the viewer. It has mastered the balance between humour and getting you to think about the show’s storyline.” – Styxlethe
by Isha Bassi Editorial Fellow, Australia
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“Beautiful, adorable, and absolutely groundbreaking in its portrayal of mental health issues and homosexual relationships in anime.” – artemiskarpusi
“It has these adorable drawings and seems to be lighthearted, but it’s really a fuckstorm of emotions with a backstory you’d never expect.” – annakittystarmoon
“The animation in this show is absolutely stunning. The entire story is incredibly well-done and will captivate your attention all the way until the last episode. This show knows how to pack an emotional punch, so have your tissues ready.” – kelsey7012991
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