Shohoku slam dunk anime scores vs. Sannoh

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Shohoku slam dunk anime scores vs. Sannoh
Shohoku slam dunk anime scores vs. Sannoh
we know who scored for “just” 64 out of 79 Shohoku points. The missing ones may be all Rukawa’s ahaha
Thanks. I knew Mitsui made a great match but holy shit, better than expected.
Love this. How much time did it take you?
I was buying the “restyled edition” slam dunk anime scores that was being published just now in Italy.
Mitsui is shown with 8 out of 9 3-pointers! exceptional
Great list my man, and dont forget that Sakuragi outscored rukuwa this game!!
A more realistic time would be around 1 hr for each volume I’d say, so about 20 hrs

So actually a few months, but just because I’d buy the volume as soon as it was released, and while reading I’d note this stuff.
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