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Aanother Studio Trigger piece, many believe this to be one of the best series of all time.  Gurren Lagann follows Simon as he and his adoptive brother Kamina pilot a mech to fight against the Beast Men after escaping the oppression of their underground village.
Updated by Bailey Jo Josie:  Since Netflix’s anime lineup is constantly changing, it is necessary to keep this list as up to date as possible so that it will always be an accurate and definitive list of the best anime available on the service at any given time. Also, because the streaming service has made access to anime easier than ever, a lot of Netflix subscribers are relatively new to anime, and so any list of the best anime in the library should be a mixture of recent hits as well as legacy favorites that newer otaku may have missed.
On the subject of gender, love, and tropes often found in shojo manga and anime, few shows do it quite as well as Ouran . After Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship honor student at the Ouran Academy, accidently breaks an extremely expensive vase, she becomes the “errand boy” for the school’s host club.
Though he’s of demonic nature, Rin is determined to be an Exorcist, someone who fights the demons that plague society. While some might say that  Blue Exorcist is a bit  too close to the likes of Hellboy , the anime still takes viewers on an interesting and exciting ride that forges its own path and identity.
The 23rd version of the show introduces a new protagonist to the franchise, a boy named Goh. He and Ash Ketchum explore the eight regions of the Pokémon universe. In another first, Pokémon Journeys finally details the origins of Pikachu and how he and Ash became lifelong friends and partners.
If you’re looking for amazing animation, intense battles, and brilliant subversion of anime tropes, look no further than  Kill La Kill. Easily one of the greatest fighting anime of all time, the series follows Ryuko, a girl who transfers to Honnōji Academy to find the person who killed her father. The story quickly unfolds into several different genres to combine comedy and action for intense and exciting fun.
The first season of Demon Slayer is available on Netflix and now is the perfect opportunity to become immersed in one of the biggest modern anime franchises as its first movie, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is now available in North America, and season two will premiere in late 2021.
While there’s plenty of controversy over Netflix’s new translations of the original anime, this doesn’t take away from the quality and power of  Neon Genesis Evangelion  and its companion films End of Evangelion  and  Evangelion Death 2  , both also on Netflix.
Demon Slayer follows a teen boy named Tanjiro in his Demon Slaying journey as he tries to find a cure for his sister, who was transformed into a demon herself. It’s emotional, action-packed, and filled with fascinating characters.
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The best anime available on Netflix right now is easily  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood . This series, as opposed to the original 2003 anime, closely adapts the theme of the original manga. It’s a contained, well-thought-out, compelling story that takes place in a creative and interesting world where alchemy is the main scientific pursuit.
There are plenty of great fights and endearingly strange characters . Plus, the animation and designs of the series are brilliant. For those looking for an introduction to anime, Seven Deadly Sins  is an excellent gateway that should ease most newcomers into the medium pretty well.

Little Witch Academia  is another example of a series where an underdog trains hard to become someone. Combining the magic of  Harry Potter  with the heroics of  My Hero Academia, the anime follows Akko, a girl with very little magical aptitude who wants nothing more than to be a witch. Hence, she decides to attend Luna Nova Magical Academy to enhance her skills.
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Soul Eater is overall unique in both its creative premise and its art style. Though the anime was cut short— resulting in a rushed, less-than-stellar and patched-together disappointment of an ending — it is still a fun, cool, and stylish anime worth checking out.
Like Castlevania , Voltron: Legendary Defender is American anime. Nevertheless, its beautiful animation and fleshed-out characters make it a popular animated series on Netflix. To the point that its original run spanned eight seasons.
The series follows Retsuko, a red panda who works a job that she hates, with a boss that she hates, and a career path that she hates. Her only relief from her sucky life comes from singing speed metal karaoke. The series is fun, relatable, and surprisingly deep.
The magical girls genre has been long and fruitful within anime.  Sailor Moon , Tokyo Mew Mew ,   and  Magical Princess Minky Momo  are some of the famous ones in this category. Recently,  Puella Magi Madoka Magica  has upended that genre, dark in a way that is unusual— though not completely unheard of — for magical girl anime.
Based on the long-running Japanese video game franchise , the Netflix series wasn’t made there. Instead, the anime-style Castlevania  was drawn and produced in the United States. Nevertheless, the horror series that ran first-run episodes from 2017 to 2021 is still one of the streaming service’s top animated titles for adults.
Dracula is the primary antagonist of  Castlevania . After his wife is burned at the stake when falsely accused of being a witch, the Dark Prince summons an army of demons to destroy those who made the execution happen. It takes monster hunter Trevor Belmont and his team, including Drac’s own son Alucard, to stop him.
One of the best things about anime is it isn’t afraid to delve into multiple genres. Some of these are comedic takes about everyday life. An example of this is Way of the House Husband.
But what are the mainstays of Netflix that don’t appear to be going away anytime soon? Are they newer series, classics, or anime-influenced offerings that aren’t technically anime but can be safely classified as such? Turns out, it’s a mix of everything.
Home Lists Best Anime On Netflix Best Anime On Netflix Netflix is now an anime haven, full of classic titles, modern hits, and original exclusives. But which shows are the best on the service?
The show’s main focus is Hinata, a junior high school student enamored by a volleyball competition he sees on TV. Inspired, he joins a local volleyball club. Even though he’s shorter than the average player, he trains hard and becomes a crucial teammate and friend to many others.  HAIKYU!!  is here because of its positive messages about hard work.
Evangelion  follows young Shinji as he is tossed into the giant mecha known as Eva 01 and he must take on the destructive and mysterious Angels, the name given to extraterrestrial monsters that threaten the Earth. Filled with existential philosophy and heart-wrenching loneliness, this anime is essential.
They end up mistaking her for a boy, not that she cares. As Haruhi proves to be a natural host, she gets caught up in the rich world, and affections, from her fellow hosts.
Death Note is one of those anime that was popular with the early 2000s, middle-school emo crowd. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t deter viewers from watching it on Netflix today, no matter age nor personality type.
Only five episodes long, this anime entry, introduced on Netflix in March of 2021, focuses on Tatsu. Once a powerful mercenary within Yazuka, he vanishes. The series picks up with him as a house husband to his loving wife. Instead of battling police, Tatsu fights other shoppers during supermarket sales.
Viewers shouldn’t be confused by this series’ vast backstory. Despite origins and other shows that span over four decades,  Mobile Suit Gundam UC   can be watched as a standalone show. Thus, it’s best for those who tune into the Netflix series to simply enjoy the action-packed mecha series it on its own, without the franchise’s heavy baggage to worry about.
There’s still a teenage girl that needs to learn how to balance her normal life and the one that involves her defeating evil. However, the show isn’t shy about killing off popular characters, good or bad, or shifting the ethics of someone on either side.
The main weapons in this universe are clothes infused with Life Fibers. These enhance the wearer with incredible abilities and, in Ryuko’s case, results in an outfit that covers very little. Needless to say,  Kill La Kill  is definitely not for kids, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.
The show has a similar premise of other  Gundam  series within and outside its continuity. Teenager Banagher Links meets the mysterious individual that directs him to the elusive Unicorn Gundam. From that point, it’s a  Star Wars- like battle to save his space colony’s freedom from the evil Earth forces.
Another Netflix original anime is  Seven Deadly Sins , a magical fantasy series that follows a formerly disgraced group of powerful magical warriors as they assist a princess in reclaiming her kingdom from tyranny. It might seem like a run-of-the-mill magical Shonen anime, which is true at times. Yet, it also keeps things interesting and exciting. great anime series on netflix
While the content of  Devilman Crybaby is not for everyone, the way in which the story defies a lot of genre tropes and the beautiful animation is enough to rank it as one of the best Netflix-original anime. The program is adapted from the 1972 manga and uses lewd, vulgar, and obscene imagery to depict the screwed-up nature of demons. Their actions affect the human world and how they’re perceived.
The series is a production of Studio Trigger, which is why it is so wonderfully animated. The classic anime themes of never giving up and showing your criticizers what you’re made of are present as well. However, they’re written in new and interesting ways as Akko challenges the old conventions of magic as she learns and grows.
Your Lie In April  doesn’t feature Pokémon, magical girls, or teenagers that kill by writing names in a book. Nevertheless, it’s better than the anime that includes those things because it tugs at the heartstrings just a bit more.
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Premiering in 2018, Cells At Work! is a delightful, educational anime showing the intricacies of the body’s cells doing their jobs. Each episode focuses on a different way the body can become ill and how our cells work to fight the viruses and bacterium.
In one form or another Pokémon has aired in the U.S. since 1998. It started in syndication and has moved to The WB, Cartoon Network, and Disney XD over the years. In 2020, Netflix secured the American rights to all future series, thus removing them from legacy networks. The first of these is Pokémon Journeys: The Series.
The main character is someone different. Bullied for something he has no control of Naruto fights his way toward proving himself. In doing so, he makes friends with those who didn’t believe in him so he can show what he’s made of. In the end,  Naruto has a powerful theme that not only makes the series one of the best on Netflix but also makes it one of the best overall.
While no one knows what the title means ,  Durarara!! is easily one of the most interesting and unique shows available on Netflix. It follows a lot of people. too many to list here, and that’s the beauty of the series. The creator, Ryohgo Narita, has an affinity for telling stories through multiple perspectives, which alone is enough of a reason to check out  Durarara!!
After being previously removed from Netflix’s lineup, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is back with 113 episodes – including “Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency”, “Stardust Crusaders” and the recently added season 3, “Diamond is Unbreakable”.
A satire/parody of Shonen anime and superheroes,  One-Punch Man follows Saitama, a superhero-for-fun who is so powerful that he defeats every enemy in one punch. This leaves him bored and angrily dissatisfied with his path of heroism. It’s funny, explosive, and has some of the best fighting animation of all time.
Soul Eater  is part  Harry Potter , part  Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.  Sure, that sounds like a weird combination, but it actually works well for the series. This supernatural anime follows Maka, a meister who reaps the souls of demons with the help of Soul Eater, her partner who can turn into a scythe.
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The show mainly follows a red blood cell and a white blood cell who often find themselves working together. The show’s theme song is also really catchy, making one forget just how often the human body is attacked.
This anime is about a young, talented piano prodigy who, after the death of his mother, loses his ability and motivation to play. It takes the actions of a young violinist to brighten his life and return him to music through duets. Yet, as the title suggests, things are not as happy as that description makes them.
The tropes of the Shonen genre of anime were essentially created by  Dragon Ball. In other words, an enemy is bound to reveal a hidden power or stronger form or a hero tends to get stronger mid-battle. Yet,  One-Punch Man  annihilates these and other Shonen tropes with a simple concept.
Best Anime On Netflix CBR great anime series on netflixBest Anime On Netflix CBR great anime series on netflix
This is definitely something of an outlier as  Aggretsuko doesn’t exactly look like an anime. This is because the series is animated in Flash. Thus, it takes on the cutesy style of  Aggretsuko is anything but cute.
It’s safe to say that anime is bigger than ever as shows like  Attack on Titan and  One-Punch Man have made their way into the American mainstream, and Netflix is partially to thank for this. It’s chock full of anime series old and new, including a few highly successful originals.
The fist-in-the-air moments featured in  Gurren Lagann hit hard. Themes around never giving up are made more powerful by the fact that the series’ mechs are powered by literal fighting spirit. It’s a wild ride of emotion and action that is a must-watch for everyone.
Though  Naruto  is a long-running series, the episodes available on Netflix are a great way to get started. That’s because it’s beloved by many for its relatable and fascinating characters. The relatability is, perhaps, the greatest thing about  Naruto.
This version of Voltron does more to expand on the universe of Princess Alura and the Lions than the original 1980s cartoon . The list of characters and locations is expanded so the Paladins, those who handled the Lions, aren’t always the main focus. In the end, Voltron, Legendary Defender is just as fine without the powerful robot appearing in each episode.
The central plot is about the rising gang activity in the Tokyo neighborhood of Ikebukuro and the actions of a dullahan, a headless Irish spirit who resides in the city. However, while these things act as the focal point of the series, the perspective shifts between various characters, revealing small slices of life as tension and danger builds in the city.
An underlying theme of anime programs involves underdogs. It doesn’t matter if they’re superheroes-in-training or future ninjas, it’s their journey from square one that transforms viewers into fans. A prime example of this is the sports anime  HAIKYU!!
For the niche that  Devilman Crybaby  deals with, the series is a powerful, wonderfully-drawn anime that deserves a watch. Even if it leaves viewers with an overwhelming sense of dread once it’s over.
Jojo is one of the longer-running serialized manga in Weekly Shōnen Jump, running from 1987 until 2004. It chronicles individual members of the Joestar family. Each new “Jojo” uses their powers to confront supernatural villains throughout time. The series itself is broken into separate parts for each family member across generations.
Sword Art Online follows a group of virtual reality MMOPRG players who get trapped within the game. If they die within it, they die in real life. Through adventures, dungeon raids, and boss fights, Kirito, the main character, manages to beat the game and free all those inside. Sounds cool, right?
The show follows Light Yagami, a teenager who finds a notebook that kills whoever’s name he writes in it. The premise and overall dark tone of Death Note  might feel dated now, but there is a surprising amount of depth to the series. Light’s development from a cynical teenager to a power-mad god and eventually fallen villain is one of the greatest character arcs in history.
The show is one of the best that Netflix has to offer, anime or otherwise, primarily due to its strong themes of family, morality, hubris, imperialism and, growing up. All of which are presented dramatically and supernaturally.
With over 100 episodes currently available on Netflix, One Piece is a must-watch for any anime fan who wants a good shonen show filled with unique characters, a ragtag group of comrades, and swashbuckling pirates.
The show’s protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy as the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, named for Luffy’s signature straw hat. Luffy and the Straw Hats sail the seas searching for the “One Piece,” a lost treasure that Luffy wants so he can become King of the Pirates. The show’s length may seem intimidating, and it’s certainly a big commitment, but few have regretted putting in the time to go on this long adventure with Luffy and crew as  One Piece is considered one of the best anime of the last 20 years.
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Actually, after receiving some initial praise, critics and fans alike separated into “like” and ” best long lasting anime series d